Contact Cleaning and Static Elimination Systems

 for substrates and process rolls

Patented Technology Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Particles less than 1 micron in size are easily removed with Polymag® Contact Cleaning Rolls. Our web cleaners offer better value and higher performance than competing systems such as ultrasonic cleaning and vacuum collection systems.

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Polymag Tek's award-winning patented Oscillating Web Cleaner (OWC) improves the quality of your products and reduces waste by cleaning both sides of paper or film web prior to printing or coating.

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The Traversing Web Cleaner can be set up to clean the web in a nip configuration (nip against an idler roll or another CCR) or contacting the web in a free span.

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Polymag Tek's Nip to Nip Web Cleaner improves the quality of your products and reduces waste by cleaning both sides of paper, film, or foil webs prior to printing or coating.

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Are you running recycled paperboard but struggle to contain contaminant defects?

Are you tired of shutting down to manually scrub your machines?


Our innovative water wash web cleaning system is the only cost effective solution available that can keep up with the removal of heavy contamination on Recycled Paperboard

Polymag® Tek’s  durable clamshell design allows for on-the-fly tape change at speeds up to 800fpm, eliminating the need to stop production to maintain cleaning effectiveness


Chill Roll Cleaner

Industrial cleaners for woven, non-woven substrates as well as recycled and virgin paperboard, films and foils

Web Cleaners, Sheet Cleaners and Industrial Contaminant Solutions


Polymag® Tek manufactures innovative web cleaners, sheet cleaners, and process roll cleaners for the coating, laminating, printing and converting industries - custom designed to remove dirt, contamination, slitting dust and converting debris.

Do you have a unique contamination or quality issue?

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Check out the Dirt Report for more information on contact cleaning.



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