Contact Cleaning and Static Elimination Systems

 for substrates and process rolls

Patented Technology Designed and Manufactured in the USA


Polymag Tek Sheeted Adhesive Tape Roll- Just like a giant lint roller! Consumables for our Waterwash Web Cleaners Process Roll Cleaner Fabric- A cleanroom wipe on a roll

Adhesive Tape Rolls

Water Wash Web Cleaner



Process Roll Cleaner



Polish, touch grind, recover existing contact cleaning rolls Handheld Contact Cleaning Rolls

Contact Cleaning Roll Services

(Polish, Recover)

Contact Cleaning Roll Care Kit



Handheld Contact

Cleaning Roller


Polymag® Tek Wipes





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||- Case Study - Silicone Coater

||- 6 Roll Narrow Web Cleaner - 6RNWC-CD

||- 4 Roll Web Cleaner

||- 4 Roll Drawer Slide Web cleaner

||- Nip to Nip

||- Nip to Nip Oscillating Web Cleaner

||- Nip to Roll Oscillating Web Cleaner

||- Q-Foil Web Cleaner

||- Manual Web Cleaner Turret

||- Flexo Press Web Cleaner

||- Traversing Web Cleaner

||- 4 Roll Narrow Web Cleaner IIA




||- 6 Roll Narrow Web Cleaner IIA

||- Narrow Web Cleaner - 2RNWC-CT

||- 2 Roll Narrow




|- Sheet Cleaners

||- 6 Roll Thin Film Cleaner

||- 3 Roll Sheet Cleaner

||- 3 Roll Manual Sheet Cleaner




|- Process Roll Cleaners

||- Steel Roll Cleaner

||- Chill Roll Cleaner




|- Custom Rolls

||- Hand Held Contact Cleaning Rolls

||- Polymag® Blue Contact Cleaning Rolls

||- High Traction Idler Rolls



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