Contact Cleaning and Static Elimination Systems

 for substrates and process rolls

Patented Technology Designed and Manufactured in the USA


Based in Rochester, NY, Polymag® Tek was founded in 1994 as a consulting firm focused on helping companies improve process quality on magnetic tape lines. Soon after, it was apparent that there was not only a void in cleaning and conveyance experts, but also a void in companies that manufacture the cleaning equipment. Polymag® Tek began manufacturing these systems to meet the growing need for our customers to produce high quality product.


Polymag® Tek manufactures innovative web cleaners, sheet cleaners, and process roll cleaners for the coating, laminating, printing and converting industries - custom designed to remove dirt, contamination, slitting dust and converting debris.


Polymag® Tek has manufactured over 1500 web, sheet and process roll cleaners worldwide. Our products are targeted at OEMs as well as after-market upgrades to existing equipment. Since many systems are unique or limited on space, our design team is highly skilled in making cleaning systems fit your needs.


Our equipment is manufactured in the USA and made from only the highest quality components to ensure effectiveness, durability and customer satisfaction.


In addition to equipment manufacturing, Polymag® Tek produces Adhesive Tape, Particle Transfer Fabric and Water Wash Consumables for our equipment and our competitors’






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||- Case Study - Silicone Coater

||- 6 Roll Narrow Web Cleaner - 6RNWC-CD

||- 4 Roll Web Cleaner

||- 4 Roll Drawer Slide Web cleaner

||- Nip to Nip

||- Nip to Nip Oscillating Web Cleaner

||- Nip to Roll Oscillating Web Cleaner

||- Q-Foil Web Cleaner

||- Manual Web Cleaner Turret

||- Flexo Press Web Cleaner

||- Traversing Web Cleaner

||- 4 Roll Narrow Web Cleaner IIA




||- 6 Roll Narrow Web Cleaner IIA

||- Narrow Web Cleaner - 2RNWC-CT

||- 2 Roll Narrow




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||- 6 Roll Thin Film Cleaner

||- 3 Roll Sheet Cleaner

||- 3 Roll Manual Sheet Cleaner




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||- Steel Roll Cleaner

||- Chill Roll Cleaner




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||- Polymag® Blue Contact Cleaning Rolls

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